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Blog Analysis

Brainy Gamer

Brainy Gamer has many posts that pertain to topics that we have discussed in class. One of which is hype and how video game convention E3 contributes to that as well as other aspects of E3 that change the way we think about new media. One description in particular that was intruiging was in the beginning when they author describes E3 as “a series of carefully timed PR blasts blasted in the epicenter of America’s entertainment industry. While many of the blogs felt or seemed lengthy they provided much needed context and explanation to anything that may be confusing or not commonly known. The different use of formatting and visual representations are also a positive to the blog as they also help readers who are not familiar with the topics to find themselves not only understanding the posts but being able to clearly keep up in the discussion as well.

Blog Analysis

Grand text Auto

The grand text auto blogs have a very simple format that suites their style of post. They cover many topics that are relevant to our conversations in class and the readings we do as well. One post in particular is the post on how digital media may change the way we think. In our class discussion on Ong, an author that I have used for a multitude of essays and project, fits into this discussion and blog very well. The author does a great job in outlining what the article is about as well as critically looking at the subject matter. In the particular blog that brought up ideas we discussed the author talked about those topics as well as provided his own in depth analysis of it which was vastly intriguing.

PoNM: Numerical Representation and Modularity

One example of Numerical Representation and Modularity is the simple function of pressing Ctrl+U(for Windows) or Safari menu > Preferences > Advanced. Check “Show Develop menu in menu bar”. Develop menu > Show Page Source(for Mac). Doing so even on this page will bring up the source code in which you can see some of the numerical values used to create and access this very website from your PC or Laptop. Another example of this would be overlays within media such as chrome overlays or other types of overlays that are used by various streamers here.

Applied Media Analysis



As media develops so has the consumption and distribution of news. Where news used to be consumed and distributed through newspapers and television it is now on the internet and other new media that were the main source of news. With the recent influx of new media in this short amount of time misinformation now has many areas to be distributed. From social media to individual apps on phones people are rejecting news from new media as they believe it poses more of a threat to new media. For this analysis I want to disregard the fear of misinformation but rather the distrust of new media as a whole. In class we discussed the theory or idea that new media has predominately been rejected by societies when it was fairly new to the societies it was distributed in. In this case social media is the new area that people are rejecting for news. This mainly in part due to the idea that we already have other forms of media that get us the news and therefore we feel that we do not need other sources of media as what we have works sufficiently. This is directly applicable to our discussion as this also plays into the trust that we have in our current media. In the same conversation we discussed trust in old news sources and how their defense usually can be said for the new media as well. This is ever-present in the topic of news and new media as media we are used to and currently use has been on the negative side of trust. When large issues or occurrences happen we look to the old media sources in order to find out whether what we are absorbing is actually occurring. However, in recent years’ new media has proven to have the answers that our old media does not or cannot provide. For instance, when the terrorist attack on the twin towers happened many people watched televised news outlets or listened to the radio about the event while there were others who were looking at the event through a different scope with equal reason. There were many YouTube and social media content creators that were using these videos to show things in the video that were being overlooked by media outlets. These “conspiracy theorists” were rejected as their viewpoint and focus of the news was not from the usual forms of media.

Applied Media Analysis

No Man’s Sky

No man’s sky recently came out with an update that allowed players to do some things that were not allowed during the time it came out. One of the main concerns that many people had about the game was that they weren’t able to do the things their character would be able to do. No man’s sky describes and explains itself as an action-adventure survival game therefore it should be able to have those characteristics in the game. Unfortunately, on launch it was missing these key components that made it such a game. One large issue expressed with the game was that players were not able to customize their characters. One large issue with customizing a character is that the character represents a person while they are doing all of these actions in the game. This correlates to the concept we talked about in class where we discussed the importance of how in game characters represent us. This is directly applicable as the game does not allow players to not only be unable to customize their character but are unable to see their character. In class we talked about how each of us felt a connection to the player in order for the game to feel satisfying. Taking away the ability for people to customize their characters takes away that feeling of satisfaction as it doesn’t feel as though the person playing the game is represented in the game. In this way and in more depth of that issue is that without being able to display themselves in game they are unable to show other players their own personality. In first person games like No man’s sky it is especially important to have at least some customization of your character and their tools and for the reasons mentioned previously that is just as important as the character itself being customizable. In games where a person can’t see their own character it is important to have something that can negate the negative effects of not having character customization. That being a ship, gun, or it can even be the way a person’s player moves or acts. No man’s sky is a prime example of how character customization is important to players and makes them feel as though they’re being represented in the game. This representation can make immersion in the game that much easier and the game that much more enjoyable.

Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

One major way in which this allowed me to practice the theories in new media is the actual act of using the new media as a conduit for the project. Prior to this class and project new media was not a field of study I was conscious about in my daily life. Having to do this project really opened my eyes to the change of media not only in the past decade but in the past few decades. New media has changed how I think about everything from marketing and advertisements to sports and entertainment. The project especially helped me to understand more about how new media has directly affected me and the gaming community I am a part of. In this way it is beneficial to a student to do this project in order to understand their position and the way new media development has changed their everyday lives. Especially relevant to students in my generation new media is part of a larger cycle that is evolving not just our information but our interactive capabilities. In this context interactive capabilities pertains to virtual reality or changes in the way that we interact with ourselves and others. This limits new media students in that the scope may be too small. A problem that some students may find is that there are many things in media studies that we covered that could apply to one project. Another way it could be limiting is that it doesn’t necessarily think about the future of new media but rather past changes and some of those effects. Speculation and hypothesis of the future especially in regards to something as important as media studies could be beneficial for students looking to understand trends in media studies.

Researching and implementation were vastly different experiences for this project. Research was not that big of an issue and was fairly enjoyable as my topic pertained to a subject that I encounter often in the gaming community. There are many blogs and posts about hype in video games and there are many forms of new media that I frequent often. The process of using these forms of media in a project and having the opportunity to look at them critically was eye opening. On the other hand, the experience of implementation proved to be somewhat difficult. The software that I used to edit the video VDSC was a decent software for beginners as it was free but it didn’t have a handbook or guide to go with the software itself, meaning I had to go to countless forums to find out how to operate the software. In terms of the actual implementation of the material, the only problem faced was the amount of material and examples that could have been used. I constantly found myself editing a few examples that could have been put into the project and then using something else. All of these factors helped me to receive a better and more in depth understanding of how much media I personally consume and how it affects my daily life. As previously stated I found many things during my research that I found I use on a consistent basis. This helped me to further look at the things that I use so often as a conduit for critical thinking and a more curious look at new media.

Ong was a course reading that I had already had a fair amount of interest in but when it was applied to my project and the subject matter I chose it helped me not only clarify key components of my project but also helped me understand the reading itself even more. In order to fully understand the concept presented I had to step back and question whether this concept applied to me and those around me and how it applied. After realizing that it did in the way that Ong described it significantly helped me to understand where I wanted to take the project as well as where I could show or implement that concept in the project. In this sense I would say that Ong was the more influential and relevant author to my project as the subject heavily constitutes a cycle of events that occur often. The other reading that was slightly harder to implement and clarify in the project was the wealth of networks and the democratization of the internet in regards to hype. It took more time for me to fully grasp this concept but it fit well into the project as it directly correlates to my project.

Lastly this project suggests that the future of new media will continue to change as it has in the past decade which is faster than ever before. As this evolution of new media has done before it will continue to change the way we think and absorb information. One way that this will further impact society is instant satisfaction. With new media speeding up processes that directly tie to it society will continue to keep up through speeding up other processes. This pertaining to news, games, education, and even religion. Society will fall into the thought process and mannerisms that best coincide with new media. Although new media will bring about big changes and differences to society it is negligent to think some things will be left unchanged. One way that society will stay the same is that we will continue to distrust media sources. Another thing that Ong stated is that new media is always hard to assimilate into society as people become so accustomed to one or a few sorts of media. This will continue to be the case for society as the production of new media is now being created at an exponentially higher rate than it has been prior to the 21st century. Lastly new media will not change the dynamic that people have with anonymity through new media. The use of anonymity with new media is part of the nature of humans and how we interact with new media.